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Check out Virat Kohli Water Bottle Price

If you want to know Virat Kohli Water Bottle price, then you landed on the right page. Virat Kohli is the biggest name in Indian Cricket at present time. He is not only an extraordinary batsman and the highest run-getter in IPL history. But, one of fitness cricket player who set goals for youngsters in terms of fitness also. Do you know Virat Kohli’s Water Price per bottle?? If not, we will cover it in this post. He was fond of Chola Bhatura, homemade Rajma Chawal, and Butter Chicken. However, he had sacrificed these things to acquaint himself with a fit lifestyle.

Virat Kohli Water Price Match Preview Virat Kohli Stats India vs England 2nd T20 Pink Ball Test England tour of India 2021

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Before 2013, Virat was passionate about only Cricket and not so much serious about his fitness. He loves junk food. However, the transformation of Kohli started in 2013-14 when he realized that as an Athlete he should be more strict on his fitness routine and diet. Generally, when someone adopts a diet plan. Then, they generally change the food. However, in his case, he went a step further. He also changed the liquid that he consumes. (source)

Today, he is known for his excellent fitness all over the world. He did not eat any bread-related food for the past few years. He generally eats imported Pink Salmon fish and meat. His diet contains food full of protein and no carbohydrates. Now, we tell you about Virat Kohli’s drinking water price.

Which water does Virat Kohli drink?

Virat revealed in an interview that he drinks Evian water. He also said that aqua played an important role in maintaining a fit body. We know that the human body contains almost 60% aqua. That is why He chose Evian. However, this imported aqua comes with a price tag that the common man can not afford. Can you guess Virat Kohli’s water price per bottle??

Virat Kohli Water Price Per Bottle

Virat Kohli Water Bottle price is INR.600/liter. The price range of Evian varies from INR.600 to INR.35000 per liter depending upon the requirement. According to a report, He drinks Evian water that costs INR.657000/- annually. Why Virat Kohli drinking water price is so high?? We will tell you later in this post.

Where does Virat Kohli get water?

Kohli drinks Evian aqua which is generally imported from France. However, Evian aqua is available in most parts of the world. The miracle aqua is obtained from small-town Évian-Les-Bains and the town is situated on the south of Lake Geneva. The Lake is shared by France and Switzerland. You come to know Virat Kohli Water price per bottle. But, why did so many celebrities and sportspeople choose Evian aqua which is so expensive? There are many benefits of choosing Evian aqua over normal aqua.

Why is Evian water so expensive?

It helps in reducing weight. It is also beneficial for the skin and controls depression. It contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride, and potassium which makes Evian aqua different from other brands. Another factor is that Evian uses polyethylene terephthalate bottles. These bottles are very expensive and recyclable. That is why Virat Kohli Water Bottle price is high.

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