How to set up your Team in IPL Fantasy Cricket League 2021

Recently, The latest version of IPL Fantasy Cricket League is launched for the upcoming season of IPL. As the crazy for cricket fantasy leagues is increasing over the years, the tournament organizers have also come up with new ideas and features over the years. Till a few years ago, organizers did not pay so much attention to the fantasy league. Now, they have come up with new features in every season to give users a better experience.

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The IPL Fantasy league for this year’s season is powered by Dream11. We will discuss the new update in this IPL fantasy league and how to set up your team.

What’s New in the IPL (Indian T20) Fantasy Cricket League 2021

There is some change from the last season in the transfer system and overall points scoring system.

Player Transfer

In the Previous season, the transfers are made based on Matchday. So, in the case of a double-header game, the IPL fantasy users maintained one team for both matches. However, in this year’s IPL, the transfers will be made base on every match. This gives users a lot of flexibility regarding their team player transfer choice. Because IPL fantasy cricket users will make their transfer ahead of either 7:30 PM or 3:30 PM. This is a huge update in the concept of choosing a captain because, in the previous season, users were restricted to one captain in the doubleheader match. Now, they can choose a different captain in each match of doubleheaders.

Uncapped Transfer

In this year’s IPL fantasy league, users could bring in one uncapped player in their team for free ahead of every game. This feature help users to save transfer if required.

Free Boosters

1.Super Transfer

This booster will allow IPL fantasy cricket users to make unlimited player transfers in a match.

2.Double Up

This booster will allow users to double their total points in a match.

3.Triple Impact

This booster will give users to get triple points from their captain instead of the usual twice-point. We will tell you the best utilization of these boosters later in this post.

Basic Requirements for setting up your IPL 2021 Fantasy Team

There are two basic requirements to play.

Requirement While Team Creation

  • IPL Fantasy cricket league users will get 100 credits.
  • Users need to select 11 players from different teams
  • Users need to pick 3-6 Batsman, 1-4 All-rounder, 1-4 wicketkeeper, and 3-6 bowlers
  • Users can pick a maximum of four overseas players
  • Maximum of seven players from a single team
  • Need to pick a vice-captain and captain in every match.

Requirement While Transfer

  • Users can make the unlimited transfer from their first match and Qualifier 1
  • Users will have a total of 120 transfers.

Click here to create your IPL 2021.

Tips for IPL Fantasy Cricket League

You need to be smart about the fixture, team balancing, and the latest update in IPL fantasy league 2021.

Fantasy Tips for Boosters

Using the Super Transfer booster at the end of the season will give you the best result. Because at end of the tournament, you will find all players’ performance and team standing. So you can choose a better combination. The Double up booster is the most powerful booster among these and you will get the best result if you use it when plenty of players of your fantasy team are playing as this booster doubled the points for a match. Use the third booster, Triple impact when your captain has the most chance of success in a game.

Fantasy Tips for Team Balance and Fund

IPL Fantasy cricket users tend to include either their favorite players or a lot of players from the IPL team they support. So, for the best combination, use a maximum of 4 players from any one IPL team. Secondly, you should have a minimum of three from each category( Bowlers, All-rounder, and Batsman/Wicket-keeper). While spreading the fund you need to have at least one premium player from each category. You should not lock your fund in only one part of your team. So, spread even fund.

Tips according to Fixture

You are aware that you can make a limited transfer to your fantasy team. So it becomes important to keep fixtures in mind while making or transferring the players in your IPL fantasy cricket league team. Sunrisers Hyderabad will start their IPL campaign on 11 April and will play 4 games in 10 days. In this way, you can optimize transfer players in your fantasy team.

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