MS Dhoni Sister

MS Dhoni Sister Jayanti Gupta: All You Need To Know About Her

M S Dhoni, one of the finest cricketers that world cricket has ever seen, is a legendary cricketer from India that has had a huge impact on Indin Cricket. A fine batter who has the ability to seal the game in crunch situations, a wicket-keeper that has the world’s fastest hand behind the stump, and a captain that has won all the leagues/tournaments that he has played; This is Mahendra Singh Dhoni for you. We know that you are all aware of his success. But, you might not know all about his family. In this post, we will talk about MS Dhoni’s sister Jayanti Gupta.

MS Dhoni was born in Ranchi on July 7, 1981. His father Pan Singh used to work as a pump operator and his mother’s name is Devaki Devi. Dhoni has one elder brother named Narendra Singh Dhoni. He has featured in 90 Test matches, and 350 ODI matches for India from 2004 to 2019. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has also appeared in 98 T20 matches for India.

All You Need To Know MS Dhoni Sister Jayanti Gupta

MS Dhoni Sister

Most of the time, Indian parents did not want their children to follow the sport as a career, they wish for a secure and stable job for their children and Dhoni’s parents were no different. That is why he had to take the TTE job. When Dhoni faced a lot of difficulties initially, it was his sister who supported him against all odds. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has one elder sister named Jayanti Gupta.

Jayanti Gupta Dhoni sister

She was the biggest mentor in Dhoni’s initial phase of his cricketing journey. We have seen MS Dhoni: The Untold Story movie about the importance and impact of his sister in his life. Numerous times we have seen in his biopic movie that his parents were not serious about his cricket career. But, his sister always believes in his talent.

Coming to Jayanti Gupta’s personal, Jayanti Gupta is married to Gautam Gupta and is an English teacher by profession. She is frequently seen in the stadium to support his brother. Here are some frequently asked questions related to MS Dhoni Family.


How many sisters does Dhoni have?

MS Dhoni has only one sister. She is elder than Dhoni.

Did MS Dhoni’s sister marry his friend?

The sister of Dhoni, Jayanti Gupta is married to a man named Gautam Gupta.

Who is Gautam Gupta MS Dhoni?

Gautam Gupta is the husband of Mahi’s sister, Jayanti Gupta.

What Does MS Dhoni’s Sister Do?

Jayanti Dhoni is a teacher of English subject, by profession.

What is the Name of Jayanti Gupta’s Husband?

M S Dhoni sister Jayanti’s husband’s name is Gautam Gupta.

How many brothers and sisters does Dhoni have?

MS has one sister and one brother. Both are older than Dhoni.

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