When Will IPL Start in 2022?

Indian Premier League starts with the game between the defending champion Chennai Super Kings and runner-up Kolkata Knight Riders. The fifteenth edition of the Indian Premier League will be a ten-team competition with the edition of two new teams; Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans. All Teams will play league matches in Maharashtra.

When Will IPL Start?

When Will IPL Start?

IPL will start on March 26, 2022, with CSK vs. KKR game at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Indian Premier League starts on Saturday with an evening match followed by a double-header match on Sunday. The first match of the league stage will start at 7:30 p.m.(IST). The Tournament league stage ends with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Punjab Kings game on May 22, 2022. The Afternoon and evening games will begin at 3:30 p.m.(IST) and 7:30 p.m.(IST), respectively. The playoff schedule is yet to be released by BCCI. Three stadiums from Mumbai and one from Pune will host the league matches. This time IPL start in March. There will be 70 league matches played between March 26 and May 22.

Date MatchesVenueTime
26-03-2022CSK vs KKRWankhede StadiumEvening
27-03-2022DC vs MIBrabourne StadiumAfternoon
27-03-2022PBKS vs RCBDY Patil StadiumEvening
28-03-2022GT vs LSGWankhede StadiumEvening
29-03-2022SRH vs RRMCA StadiumEvening
30-03-2022RCB vs KKRDY Patil StadiumEvening
31-03-2022LSG vs CSKBrabourne StadiumEvening
01-04-2022KKR vs PBKSWankhede StadiumEvening
02-04-2022MI vs RRDY Patil StadiumAfternoon
02-04-2022GT vs DCMCA StadiumEvening
03-04-2022CSK vs PBKSBrabourne StadiumEvening
04-04-2022SRH vs LSGDY Patil StadiumEvening
05-04-2022RR vs RCBWankhede StadiumEvening
06-04-2022KKR vs MIMCA StadiumEvening
07-04-2022LSG vs DCDY Patil StadiumEvening
08-04-2022PBKS vs GTBrabourne StadiumEvening
09-04-2022CSK vs SRHDY Patil StadiumAfternoon
09-04-2022RCB vs MIMCA StadiumEvening
10-04-2022KKR vs DCBrabourne StadiumAfternoon
10-04-2022RR vs LSGWankhede StadiumEvening
11-04-2022SRH vs GTDY Patil StadiumEvening
12-04-2022CSK vs RCBDY Patil StadiumEvening
13-04-2022MI vs PBKSMCA StadiumEvening
14-04-2022RR vs GTDY Patil StadiumEvening
15-04-2022SRH vs KKRBrabourne StadiumEvening
16-04-2022MI vs LSGBrabourne StadiumAfternoon
16-04-2022DC vs RCBWankhede StadiumEvening
17-04-2022PBKS vs SRHBrabourne StadiumAfternoon
17-04-2022GT vs CSKMCA StadiumEvening
18-04-2022RR vs KKRBrabourne StadiumEvening
19-04-2022LSG vs RCBDY Patil StadiumEvening
20-04-2022DC vs PBKSMCA StadiumEvening
21-04-2022MI vs CSKDY Patil StadiumEvening
22-04-2022DC vs RRMCA StadiumEvening
23-04-2022KKR vs GJDY Patil StadiumAfternoon
23-04-2022RCB vs SRHBrabourne StadiumEvening
24,-04-2022LSG vs MIWankhede StadiumEvening
25-04-2022PBKS vs CSKWankhede StadiumEvening
26-04-2022RCB vs RRMCA StadiumEvening
27-04-2022GT vs SRHWankhede StadiumEvening
28-04-2022DC vs KKRWankhede StadiumEvening
29-04-2022PBKS vs LSGMCA StadiumEvening
30-04-2022GT vs RCBBrabourne StadiumAfternoon
30-04-2022RR vs MIDY Patil StadiumEvening
01-05-2022DC vs LSGWankhede StadiumAfternoon
01-05-2022SRH vs CSKMCA StadiumEvening
02-05-2022KKR vs RRWankhede StadiumEvening
03-05-2022GT vs PBKSDY Patil StadiumEvening
04-05-2022RCB vs CSKMCA StadiumEvening
05-05-2022DC vs SRHBrabourne StadiumEvening
06-05-2022GT vs MIBrabourne StadiumEvening
07-05-2022PBKS vs RRWankhede StadiumAfternoon
07-05-2022LSG vs KKRMCA StadiumAfternoon
08-05-2022SRH vs RCBWankhede StadiumAfternoon
08-05-2022CSK vs DCDY Patil StadiumAfternoon
09-05-2022MI vs KKRDY Patil StadiumEvening
10-05-2022LSG vs GTMCA StadiumEvening
11-05-2022RR vs DCDY Patil StadiumEvening
12-05-2022CSK vs MIWankhede StadiumEvening
13-05-2022RCB vs PBKSBrabourne StadiumEvening
14-05-2022KKR vs SRHMCA StadiumEvening
15-05-2022CSK vs GTWankhede StadiumAfternoon
15-05-2022LSG vs RRBrabourne StadiumEvening
16-05-2022PBKS vs DCDY Patil StadiumEvening
17-05-2022MI vs SRHWankhede StadiumEvening
18-05-2022KKR vs LSGDY Patil StadiumEvening
19-05-2022RCB vs GTWankhede StadiumEvening
20-05-2022RR vs CSKBrabourne StadiumEvening
21-05-2022MI vs DCWankhede StadiumEvening
22-05-2022SRH vs PBKSWankhede StadiumEvening


What is 2022 IPL Start Date?

IPL Start date is March, 26, 2022.

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